How bilberries help fight cancer

Jun 27, 2018 8:40:20 AM

Wild blueberries, bilberries are super food that supports our wellbeing in many ways. Recent studies have suggested that they even help fight cancer.

Wild blueberries (bilberries)

An American group of researches from the University of Missouri-Columbia have discovered that supporting radiation therapy with blueberry extract improved efficacy of the treatment meaningfully. They especially studied the use of blueberries in treating cervical cancer and found out that blueberry extract tricked cancer cells and sensitized them to radiation therapy. When the radiation therapy was used in combination with the berry extract, the number of cancer cells reduced by 70% when alone the radiation therapy reduced the deadly cells by 20% only. 

Bilberry smoothie

Further studies are surely needed but we are quite amazed about what these tiny small blue berries can do. You can read more about the research in the Medical News Today.

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