Wild foods make the latest health trend. And no wonder. Wild food is very beneficial to us as it tends to be more nutrient-dense that cultivated foods. Wild food means berries, mushrooms, herbs, vegetables as well as fish and game that are born in the nature without any human intervention. However, we do have an impact on the environment, which is not always positive. Therefore it is important to make a difference between organic and non-organic environment where wild produce grows.

Forest in Finland

Our Berryfect berry powders come from Finland, the Nordic land of a thousand lakes and forests. Finns have always lived close to nature enjoying hiking, camping, and picking berries in the vast forests. Nature is clean and protected. Recently, the value of a clean environment has been recognized and many Finnish forests have been certified as organic.

Almost 99% of the Finnish forests could be certified as organic. So far, 40% of forests have gone through the certification process and are officially organic. The world’s largest contiguous organic forest can be found in Lapland whereas other substantial gathering areas are located in India, Zambia and Namibia.

Wild bilberries

Certified Finnish organic forests produce organic bilberries, lingonberries and mushrooms. This wild produce is also sustainable. There are plenty of berries and mushrooms for the Finns and everyone else around the world. In fact, the harvest is so big that the most of it stays in the forests for the wild animals to enjoy.

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