Thinking of going raw but it just feels too difficult? Well, have a look at this interview with one of the leading raw food chefs in Dubai, Gabriele Kurz. Gabriele is the Wellbeing Chef of Jumeirah Group in Dubai, and she also gives raw food cooking lessons for raw new bees. Gabriele encourages us to start raw food diet. Even with baby steps to improve our overall health.

Gabriele Kurz

Gabriele, how did you discover raw food? Are you a 100% raw foodist?

I am not a 100% raw foodist, but I occasionally do raw weeks for myself. I was introduced to the raw food at the age of 12 when my mom started experiment with it. We have also a number of friends who are raw foodists, and it is always interesting to learn from them. I have attended number of raw food trainings in the past to learn in depth techniques. It is a quite interesting field.

What does your typical raw food daily diet include?

Raw seeds and nuts, fruits, vegetables, all kinds of green leaves, fresh herbs and raw honey. This may sound very basic, but the transformation happens with the preparation methods. Blending, dehydrating, macerating, raw pickling etc.


What are the most important benefits of eating raw, in your opinion?

Overall improved health! People react differently to raw food. In the beginning, it might feel harder to digest, and you may experience fatigue and headaches due to the initial detoxification process. Raw food requires more digestive breakdown work from your body. However, the benefits are very rewarding. I highly recommend to try it, at least for a little while. Read more tips in my Talise Nutrition blog.

You are originally from Germany. Does your cooking reflect your origins? 

Cooking has no boundaries when it comes to creativity and cultures. This is the beauty of this profession, I love the diversity and endless possibilities.  Of course the original tastes of ‘home’ – in my case Bavaria in Germany, will always be cherished and sometimes they influence my menu creations as well. Have you ever tried my parsnip Schnitzel with cucumber potato salad and honeyed cranberry jam? Or Kraut Spätzle with toasted hazelnuts and chives? Yes, you see, I adapt Bavarian flavors to vegetarian and healthy cuisine.


How has living in Dubai impacted your cooking?

Experiencing here so many different cuisines from all over the world and the more courageous use of spices have definitely had a positive impact on my creativity. I have learnt a lot in terms of Arabic and Indian cuisine, too. Now, even my mom has muhammara on her menu! I don’t need to mention that her guests love it.

You cook for us but do you still have the time to cook at home? 

Yes, I do still cook at home and enjoy this rather than going out. Cooking in a private environment is quite different from cooking in a professional kitchen! So I enjoy the stress free, relaxing cooking at home.

What is your favorite dish?

Very hard to say as I have more than one favorite. But currently I am quite in love with my red cabbage cappuccino because of the simple preparation, the awesome taste and the deep purple color.


You are giving raw food cooking classes. What can we learn on your class for beginners?

I love to show my raw soups, jams, and dips, for example. Plus my very simple raw lasagna and a few cool things from the dessert section for treats. The next class takes place early next year. You can get more information through my Instagram @talisenutrition and at

Finally, how do you enjoy your blueberries? Do you have a special recipe that you could share with us?

I am a big fan of homemade ice cream. The easiest ice cream I always make at home is yoghurt sorbet, where I literally blend plain organic yoghurt with a little bit of organic lemon zest, blueberries and some acacia honey to taste. And off it goes into the ice cream maker for a creamy sorbet! The same recipe works also for popsicle forms, in case you don’t have an ice cream maker. Such a delicious and healthy treat.

Thank you Gabriele for the interview! We look forward to your next class.

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