Unfortunately, we have certainly all been there. On a summer holiday with stomach problems. Stomach ache can ruin the long awaited holiday, but thankfully there is a delicious remedy that we can fight the ache with - bilberry.


For hundreds of years, bilberry has been used to treat stomach problems. Already Dioscorides from the Ancient Greece recommended bilberries to treat diarrhea. Today we know that dried bilberries ease diarrhea whereas fresh berries treat constipation and haemorrhoids. When it comes to diarrhea, bilberry is an efficient remedy thanks to being rich in tannins that restrain the disease. Bilberry also prevents the growth of some viruses, yeast and bacteria.

Washing hands properly is the easiest and quickest way to avoid diarrhea. If it does hit you, most of the diarrhea cases clear up on their own within couple of days. If not, see a doctor. Try also some of our Berryfect bilberry powder to treat diarrhea and to give you a vitamin boost. It is easy to take with you, too, as we pack the bilberry powder in individual sachets.

Happy holidays!

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