Eating well becomes a way of life after some coaching sessions with the Dubai based chef, nutrition coach and yoga teacher Mia Man. We had the pleasure to sit down with Mia and to hear her own story and tips on how to eat healthier.

Mia Man

Mia, you used to work as legal business development manager, but turned into a holistic health & nutrition coach and yoga teacher. Can you share with us what led you to change your life?

It was yoga that changed me as a person and led me to a new life. In my work as a legal business development coach, I was traveling a lot and was on top of my career. I had achieved many of my career goals and started to feel if “that was it”. I was practicing yoga and more advanced trainings started appealing to me. I took part to a training in Japan where I had an amazing teacher who also presented ideas on nutrition and health. These were topics that I had always been interested in, but at this training I started looking at a holistic way of eating.

Is this when you also discovered raw food? Are you a 100% raw foodist?

Yes, I initially discovered raw food through yoga. I got to know about diets that yogis used to follow. I wanted to eat natural and non-processed foods, and a plant-based diet close to nature started appealing to me. Real food is plant based. It has the least impact on environment and it is the most beneficial to our health. But I am not a 100% raw foodist. I used to be, but after having my child I started listening more to my body and what it needs. This is also what I teach. Raw food is great for detox, but it is worth listening to your body and what suits it the best.

Mia Man cooks

What are the most important benefits of eating raw, in your opinion?

I always go back to the principal of eating real food that is grown in a natural way. Eat food that does not have a package and you will avoid processed foods. Second of all, it has been recently proven that all diseases begin with inflammation. To avoid inflammation, we should make our bodies less acid and more alkalized. Acidity comes from high caffeine, too much meat, sugar and wine. Vegetables, grains and seeds turn your body alkalized. As well as less stress. Third, raw food and plant based foods have less impact on our environment. It takes more resources to feed animals than us. Everyone does not need to become vegan. However, looking at where meat is coming and skipping meat for some days make a difference in people’s lives.

What does your typical daily diet include?

I have a simple diet. I have a 2-year old so I cook simple food. I start my day with a green juice and grab some salad for lunch. In the afternoon, I enjoy fruits or raw bars that are easy to prepare, yet give so much energy. In the evening, I usually have a cooked meal that helps me calm down and get ready for bed.

It is quite simple really. Have raw foods in the morning and during the day to be energetic, and then wind down with a cooked meal in the evening. If all your food is cooked, you will miss so many nutrients, which will lead to feeling tired. 

Mia Man prepares raw cake

You give raw food cooking classes. What can we learn on your class for beginners?

Anyone can enjoy my Level 1 classes. We talk about how food affects our bodies and the idea of using food as medicine. We do simple raw food cooking that is yet tasty and interesting. I teach breakfast, snack and meal recipes that can be prepared in 15 – 20 minutes. Nothing complicated. Something that can be prepared even with kids and food that also husbands like. Then in Level 2 and 3 I teach how to prepare dehydrated foods and how to develop your own recipes.

You have great recipes on your website Graciosly Green. What would be a nice recipe for beginners to get started?

I recommend to have a look at the snack and kids section at my website. For example, Elevensies Chia Bars is an easy recipe that my daughter loves, but it also makes a great snack for adults.

Can you already share information about your next class?

My next classes in Dubai will take place in February 2018. I will be sharing more information closer to date on my Instagram and at my website.

Finally, how do you enjoy your blueberries? Do you have a special recipe that you could share with us?

I am a big fan of Berryfect Bilberry Powder and I use it for example to prepare bilberry pancakes or bilberry-rasberry chia pudding.

We are happy to hear that, Mia. Thank you for your interview! We look forward to your next classes.

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