During Ramadan in Dubai or wherever in the Middle East, it might be easier to detox than some other time of the year. Of respect towards our fellow Dubaians who are fasting, offices don’t smell for coffee and donuts, and restaurants, cafeterias and ice cream bars are closed during daytime. Thus many have taken this opportunity to cleanse and lighten up for the summer.

vegetable, berry and fruit juices

Now, detox may make you think about strict juice diets and feeling hungry all the time, but lightening up your diet does not need to be extreme. What if you would avoid sugar or dairy products for one week? That does not sound that radical, does it? Yet even one week without sugar or dairy can make you feel the difference. Here you have couple of easy detox tips to help you get started for a lighter summer.

1. Drink more water. Water will help you get rid of toxics and stay hydrated.

2. Get rid of alcohol and caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and cola drinks.

3. Avoid processed foods. Cut down dairy and sugar.

4. Eat more vegetables, fruits and berries. You will enjoy more essential vitamins and minerals, and less likely crave for sugar. Smoothies and vegetable juices are great ways of adding vegetable and fruit intake.

5. Enjoy a handful of seeds or nuts for healthy fats.

Try for one week and feel the difference. Happy Detox!

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